Halloween 2009

Posted in Random by Jae on November 2, 2009

So every year for pretty much my entire life I have wanted to dress up as something for Halloween, except I never have.

It’s usually because I don’t have time or I could spend time better elsewhere. So I apologize but this will not be a post about my Halloween costume. Although I really wanted to dress up as Itachi this year.

I’m usually in awe over the elaborate costumes people make for Halloween. I’ve seen some really great ones, for example:


This is my roommate as WonderWoman I can’t get that picture of Sohee out of my head. Believe it or not her entire costume was made from scratch. Now that is an awesome costume!

As you can see there are many great costume ideas out there so I don’t understand why I continue to see the plethora of naughty schoolgirls and nurses every year. Is Halloween an excuse for closet sluts to reveal themselves without being called out on it? Because to be honest it is degrading for the rest of us.

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