Wishlisted: House of Harlow 1960 – New Collection Pics

Posted in Shopping by Jae on November 28, 2009

Seriously Nicole Richie can do no wrong.

I’m an avid fan of her jewellery collection and can’t wait for her Winter Kate Collection to drop Spring 2010.

Here are some of her new fab pieces available January of next year:

This ring had me drooling at the mouth… if only it was a two-fingered ring. That would’ve been perfect. Also if it came in silver, and rose gold. *dies*

This bangle really caught my eye. Stunning. But she should really give all of her wonderful bangles a clasp so we have the option of wearing them past our elbow.

So cute, I’m a sucker for this old-fashioned stuff.

The wax seal accent just kills me. Also comes in red for those who want to be historically correct.

Seriously, fabulous. This would look awesome with a cuffed blazer and skinnies.

I can’t wait to see this necklace in person. I hope the scale of this pendant isn’t too large… it does say mini afterall… sometimes I find her pendants and rings too big. They would look more delicate if they were smaller.

More key-inspired jewellery. I love it. I have yet to find the perfect key necklace. I think the Tiffany ones are really amazing.. but I find them too clean-cut for me… I’m in the search for something a little more rustic… with a vintage feel…

This is the holy grail. I’ve been lemming for this since her collection came out… Seriously amazing… So… grecian. But at $500 I honestly can’t justify it.

Photos: The Trend Boutique


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