Posted in OOTD by Jae on October 31, 2009

In true Waterloo fashion, Fridays started off with rain… hence the rainboots.

For those who know me, I’m very anti-colour… I usually only wear black, white and their variations. (Don’t judge me, there are so many different grays out there.)

But every once in a while I’m buy something in a bright colour. These boots were one example.

DayRaincoat: Lacoste, Black skinnies: Urban Outfitters, Rainboots: Zara, Scarf: Gift from my friend Krishna!

I really apologize for the poor lighting and quality, I took a closeup of the jacket just in case.

Lacoste jacket

Had to head home today for my brother’s commencement. Same outfit just different accessories:

NightTank: Jacob, Scarf: Jacob, Black Skinnies: Urban Outfitter, Studded Clutch: Costa Blanca… and no, I did not wear my flip flops out.

Here’s a closeup of the clutch which I absolutely ADORE!!


True Story: I did not end up wearing these outfits during the day or night. I spilled foundation over my pants after I took these photos. -____-


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